20 July 2024

The 5th edition of the Marathon (Trail) du Grand Ballon will start again in the ski village of Le Markstein, at 1183m altitude, at hotel Wolf. Besides the traditional marathon distance of 42k, there are also a 13, 22 and 80k on the program !

80 K

Longest distance


Finishers previous editions


Winning time marathon 2023



Better tighten up your (SCOTT) trail shoes, the terrain is no slouch and you will need a minimum of grip. The Vosges is a mid-mountain range and you will be running between 800 and 1400m of altitude. The weather can be very variable and suddenly change from 35° to 5°.

All distances start and finish at Hotel Wolf in Le Markstein.

643 D+

13 K
  • Start at 10am
  • no aid station
  • 87% off road
  • Time limit 4h
Watch the course (video 3D) via Relive

1200 D+

22 K
  • Start at 9am
  • 1 aid station after 14k
  • 89% off road
  • Time limit 6h
Watch the course (video 3D) via Relive
Watch the course (video 3D) via Relive

4133 D+

80 K
  • Start at 5am
  • Aid station 14, 31, 52 & 67k
  • 94% off road
  • Time limit 16h
Watch the course (video 3D) via Relive

The courses , distances and altimeters are always subject to change and may change at any time if necessary.


Want to estimate in advance what your speed will be on the marathon du Grand Ballon? Fill in your distance and altimeters , your current running level and mark this trail as "very technical"


27 - 28 april 2024

If you prefer to run in slightly cooler temperatures, you can also choose to run the Trail du Grand Ballon. Same starting location, same beautiful area, same organizers but....

Different period (end of April), different season, different distances, different courses and the possibility to participate in the SCOTT XTrails , a 2 day trail event with 3 different trails and overall classification


The start and finish is at Hotel Wolf in Le Markstein. (Route des Crêtes, Le Markstein.)

Parking is provided 500m from the start (follow the yellow arrows).
Do not park directly at the start/finish itself, this area must be kept free
for the participants.

Wrong parking may be fined.

Start and finish location on Google Maps

We work with the Passion For Sports / SQM Time registration module. You can register several runners at the same time and AFTER registration, you can modify them yourself via your PFS account.

Register now for the Marathon du Grand Ballon



Friday 19.07.2024

18.30 – 20.30: Race office is open + pick up bib number all distances. (@ Hotel Wolf)

Saturday 20.07.2024

04.15 – 05.00: Race office is open + pick up bib number all distances. (@ Hotel Wolf)

05.00 : Start Marathon du Grand Ballon 80km

07.00 – 10.00: Race office is open + pick up bib number all distances. (@ Hotel Wolf)

08.00 : Start Marathon du Grand Ballon 42km

09.00 : Start Marathon du Grand Ballon 22km

10.00 : Start Marathon du Grand Ballon 13km

14.00 : Time limit 13km (≃ 3,25km/u)

15.00 : Time limit 13km (≃ 3,66km/u)

21.00 : End | Time limit 80km (≃ 5,00km/u) and 42km (≃ 3,23km/u)

Each participant receives ALL the GPX files one week before the event.
Courses are indicated with signs of the organization.
Please respect the start time of your distance as the opening hours of our refreshment points are based on the start times.

Water, isotonic drinks, coca-cola, Etixx energy bars, sandwiches, sweet and savoury snacks and other goodies will be available at the refreshment points.

No changing rooms are provided

Showers are provided at Auberge du Steinlebach in Le Markstein.
This service is free of charge.
Route to Auberge du Steinlebach.

There is a 'storage of sports bags' at the race office.


We are committed to a good cause, THINK PINK!
You can make a one-off donation when you register.

Help us and support THINK PINK in its fight against breast cancer!

Looking for a nice place to stay?

1. Hotel Wolf, Le Markstein.

At 50m of one of the startlocations !

For booking, contact them by

  • e-mail:
  • telephone: +33 3 89 82 64 36

2. Auberge du Steinlebach.

1km from one of the startlocations and this place is one of the aid stations!

For booking, contact them by

  • telephone: +33 3 89 82 61 87

Marathon du Grand Ballon | 80km (cutoff 16h00 | @21h00 | ≃ 5,00km/h) 

• Aid station 1 (14km) closes 2h00 after the start, at 07h00. ≃ 7,00km/h
• Aid station 2 (31km) closes 4h45 after the start, at 09h45. ≃ 6,53km/u
• Water station (39km) closes 6h45 after the start, at 11h45. ≃ 5,78km/u
This point is a time limit.
The arrows/signs will be turned here and you will be redirected to the finish.
This leaves 12.5km to the finish.
• Aid station 3 (52km) closes 8h40 after the start, at 13h40. ≃ 6,00km/u
• Aid station 4 (67km) closes 12h45 after the start, at 17h45. ≃ 5,25km/u
• Time limit @ final aid station is @ 21h00 ≃ 5,00km/h
Marathon du Grand Ballon | 42km (cutoff 13h00 | @21h00 | ≃ 3,23km/h) 
• Aid station 1 (14km) closes 2h30 after the start, at 10h30. ≃ 5,60km/u
• Aid station 2 (31km) closes 8h00 after the start, at 16h00. ≃ 3,88km/u
• Time limit @ final aid station is @ 21h00 ≃ 3,23km/h
Marathon du Grand Ballon | 22km (cutoff 6u00 | @15u00 | ≃ 3,66km/u)
• Aid station 1 (14km) closes 2h30 after the start, at 11h30. ≃ 5,60km/u
• Time limit @ final aid station is @ 15h00 ≃ 3,66km/h
Marathon du Grand Ballon | 13km (cutoff 4u00 | @14u00 | ≃ 3,25km/u)
• Time limit @ final aid station is @ 14h00 ≃ 3,25km/h

The following equipment can be checked during the race or when picking up your starting number.
The absence of the required equipment results in a time penalty or disqualification.
X = Compulsory equipment
A = recommended material
 80km 42km 22km 13km
Survival blanket X X X X
Whistle X X X X
Water supply, min. 1l X A A A
Waterproof (running) jacket A A A A
Telephone X X X X
Gels, bars, .. A A A A
Head lamp A - - -

One or two timing chip(s) will stick to the back of your chest number. Do not fold the chip(s) and make sure you wear your bib number above your clothes on your belly or chest. The chips ensure that your (intermediate) times are registered when you pass a checkpoint.

Checkpoints are scattered around the course, usually at the supply point. Some checkpoints beep when you walk through them, but not all. So don't panic if you don't hear anything, you will still be registered.

All split times and finishing times of all participants can be followed live online on the SQM Time website. On the day of the event, the results can be followed live at
Through this live coverage, supporters on site can follow the progression of their favourite runners via their smartphones. Of course, fans at home can also follow everything closely.

There are even participants who, during the race, like to check how much position they are in and how much time their buddy is ahead or behind!

Changing your distance, buying an extra T-shirt, changing your contact details and even cancelling can ONLY be done through your Passion For Sports. So you can do it all yourself!

After logging in, search for the order in question and change the details. If your new details result in a lower cost, your account will be credited and you will be able to use this amount for your next registration. If your new details increase the price of the registration, you will have to pay this amount to make the change.

If you wish to cancel your registration, your account will be credited in accordance with our cancellation conditions. You can then use this amount for another registration at a later date.

The 80km gives a UTMB Index 100k
The 42km gives an UTMB Index 50k
The 22km gives an UTMB Index 20k

How to take part in the UTMB? (french article)

You can find a selection of photos on our Facebook page a few days after the event. These photos can also be viewed by people who don't have a Facebook account.

During the event, the Sportograf team will be on hand to take the best photos of you in action. You can find your personal photos via the link below or by clicking on the icon next to your name in the results list.


We are always looking for helping hands to organize this event to perfection. If you want to contribute to the success of this event and would rather help than participate, please contact us. You can help with the secretariat, supplies, checking the course, removing arrows, handing out medals and T-shirts and so much more...



SQM Time is our regular partner for timing all our events. Live results with lots of intermediate points is their Strength.

Both online registration and event timing are always handled perfectly by Lucien and his team.


If you wish to contact us with a specific question about an event and/or about your registrations, the best way to do so is via the chat widget at the bottom right of this page. If no one is available to help you live, leave your email address and we will help you as soon as possible.